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“Buen Provecho” – the recipe book of SALEM Ecuador.


Although we provide childcare, education and social services, the kitchen and dining room is the heart of SALEM Ecuador.
The fact that we insist on diverse, healthy and vegetarian food for the children and youth in SALEM is related to our values, which ideally should be reflected in everything we do.

We believe in a holistic, ecological way of life with a vegetarian and organic diet, natural medicine and conservation through organic farming and permaculture methods.

For 50 years, organic, whole-food vegetarian nutrition has been the foundation of all SALEM projects worldwide.

In our recipe book – “Buen Provecho”- written by our volunteers – we present 12 delicious recipes. With them you can prepare and enjoy the kind of typical lunches that are on the menu every day in Mindo.

You can order an electronic copy of the recipe book by sending an email to


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