Children's, Youth &
Community Center



Jonas Lange
Legal representation / Project coordination / Financial management / Team leader / Maintenance coordination / Coordination of strategic decisions


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Lady Estela

Lady Estela
Office Assistant
Accounting support / Office organization / Help in preparation of materials / Preparation of documents and files



Silvana Sáenz
Young childrens guide

Accompaniment of children / preparation of spaces and materials, planning, documentation, contact with parents, family meetings / Support for the lunch of children and adolescents


Pamela Leguizamón
Pre-teens Guide

Accompaniment of children / Preparation of spaces and materials, planning, documentation, contact with parents, family meetings / Helping hand with the lunch for the children and teens

Luis Carillo
Music teacher

Musical activities with children / Musical instrument classes / Musical presentation manager / Music room manager – inventory.

Marcela Cruz
In charge of the sewing workshop

Sewing activities with children and teenagers / SALEM Handmade / workshop leader



Sebastian Orozco
Communication / Garden manager / Mindo Radio
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Geraldina Guerra
Advisor on protection issues for victims of violence
Inter-institutional network / Workshops for the team

Johana Orozco
Social work
Support of women, children and teens in the restitution of their rights / Accompaniment in situations of violence, neglect, etc. / Liaison with institutions such as: Political tenure, Protection Board, Human Rights Secretariat, Cantonal Inter-institutional Network.

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Marcela Fuentes
Psychological attention to priority cases (of violence) / Advice to the pedagogical team in working with children, adolescents and families / Workshops for the team.

Francia Fuentes
Psychological support to families / Workshops with families


Fernanda Tuarez
Kitchen and dining room manager
Lunch preparation / shopping / menu planning

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Edwin Medina
Maintenance / Mindo Radio.

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Maykeel Ochoa
Cleaning and disinfection manager / Maintenance



Eva von Lehmann
International Volunteer

Assistent Pre-teens /Pedagogical support/ Preparation and cleaning / Assistent Social Work

Julia Wendy
International Volunteer
Assistent music/ Pedagogical support / Public relations/ Preparation and cleaning

Felix Strobl
International Volunteer
Assistent teens / Pedagogical support / Public relations/ Preparation and cleaning



Daniela Balarezo
Fundraising / Corporate Sponsorship Program / Local Support Network

Molly Brown
Fundraising and communication / Overseas corporate and donor contacts


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