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Meet Edwin


Edwin Medina is a math and general studies tutor and guide for the teens groups at SALEM.  He is 19 years old and has worked in SALEM since 2019. Edwin loves information. He is able to explain difficult concepts in an innovative and friendly way. His favorite task these days is making videos for the SALEM kids that are currently studying at home.

Since the virtual school year began in June 2020, many SALEM kids are struggling to secure a device and an internet connection so they can receive their online classes. The sessions tend to be short, with little instruction and a lot of homework. Edwin makes short videos that explain the week’s concepts in small, more digestible pieces. Then he sends them out to the SALEM families and kids. Edwin sees the importance of children learning while playing in a fun and joyful environment.

“In the beginning,” says Edwin “the families and students didn’t really watch the videos much. I had to remind them to watch. They weren’t very enthusiastic. But, after a little while, the kids started paying a lot of attention. Not only do they like my videos, but they are learning a lot too!”

Since then, SALEM kids and their families look forward to Edwin’s entertaining and educational videos. He invites kids to respond and let him know what they like and if they have any questions – he is only an instant message away.

Edwin hopes to continue creating videos and other interesting audio visual tools for the kids at SALEM. He dreams of having an audio visual room at SALEM complete with a green screen and computer as well as lights and a microphone.

If you are interested in supporting the music/ audio visual project at SALEM Ecuador, please donate now.

Thanks for all your hard work and creativity Edwin 😉

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