Children's, Youth &
Community Center

Environment, health and nutrition

We provide our children with varied vegetarian meals and offer cooking classes for our youth. By regularly helping out in the kitchen, they experience that delicious food and healthy eating can also be fun. In our small ecologically managed garden at the center, we grow fruits and vegetables and experiment with self-sufficiency to spark the children’s interest in the subject.

In SALEM, protecting the environment is a high priority, which is why we spend time planting and eat vegetarian. We practise composting, where we seperate the kitchen waste that way, the organic waste ends up in the compost and we can use the fertile soil afterwards in the project gardens. The children and young people learn this knowledge through repeated projects on the organic farm “Peña Dorada”, where they have the opportunity to exchange ideas and work together with the owner of the farm. This gives them a practical approach to environmental awareness and sustainability principles.

Learn more about our delicious vegetarian recipes.

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