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Socioeconomic Study

Johana Orozco, our social worker, presents us with her final report of her Degree Work for the Technical University of Ambato. The objective of this study was to determine the socioeconomic situation of SALEM families, of which the results we will be publishing in a series of articles.

Johana with support from Paola Rey, visited the neighborhoods of Mindo during the months of September through November 2020, collecting brief interviews and conversations with the inhabitants to learn more about the community. Eighteen SALEM families, beneficiaries of the project for 2 years or more, were considered for the sample. Additionally, in order to measure the efficiency of the SALEM process to address social problems in the parish of Mindo, 18 families that do not receive SALEM services were taken into account.

The questionnaire allowed us to collect information on several factors such as: origin, education, health, work, housing, household dynamics, violence, economy and food. With this we will be able to determine what type of support SALEM should implement for the Mindo community in the future and will allow us to ensure that our projects and initiatives are properly targeted to reach the largest possible number of beneficiaries in the local area.

by: Johana Orozco Domestic violence is one of the strongest social problems globally, and with greater presence in rural areas, where the level of education is primary and families are of low economic resources. These factors can cause negative reactions especially in those who lead or head the household and who often seek out the…

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