Children's, Youth &
Community Center


SALEM Ecuador is a childrens, youth and community center located in the small town of Mindo, in the cloud forest on the western side of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Our center is a place where children can enjoy their childhood, learn, play, and be accepted as part of a loving community.

We care for the most underprivileged and at risk children and young people of the village. We offer them loving care and help to find solutions to their most urgent problems.

We are passionate about providing excellent child care, education and social services! 

News from SALEM Ecuador

Stay up to date and learn about the traditions and activities of our beautiful community

Merry Christmas from SALEM-Ecuador. Here you can download the Christmas newsletter with a review of the year and an outlook for the new year. Newsletter from SALEM Ecuador – December 2023

Christmas time is often not easy for the SALEM children. It should be a family celebration, but it’s often not so easy at home. Juan (15), Martín (10) and Sabina (8) live with their mother in a small, dark, and musty room. A few months ago, they fled gang violence from the province of Esmeraldas…

We have finished our holiday camps. It has been great to be with our children and teenager, providing them with spaces where they can enjoy being children, learning, playing, and discovering themselves while growing up in the heart of a loving community. This year, we were accompanied by great “superheroes” who helped our guides to…

Efrain Toapanta and Molly Brown, friends of SALEM, owners of Casa Divina Eco Lodge and SabinaTour Operadora are part of our Corporate Sponsorship program. For many years Casa Divina has set an example for local businesses in the areas of social responsibility and sustainable tourism. Efrain’s parents came to Mindo 60 years ago, and he…



From the moment a child or adolescent crosses our precious wooden door, he/she is immediately part of our big SALEM family. A family that shares love, peace, freedom, hope and at the same time all the values that identify us. We wonder how many children and teenagers have crossed through our door, walking the short…

Let’s put peace into practice

 Peace is a path, not a state. It is something that we must constantly move towards. At SALEM Ecuador, we put peace into practice. We share with you our Christmas wish for peace: Women, children, and families living in violence-free homes. At this very moment we are developing an action plan for SALEM to give families…

The Family Garden Initiative

This past Sunday, SALEM Ecuador volunteers prepared and delivered hundreds of seedlings and sacks of compost to local families that participate in the SALEM Ecuador Family Garden Initiative. Jonas Lange, Director of SALEM Ecuador gets to the heart of the matter, “The garden is a therapeutic space. The Family Garden Initiative is a perfect opportunity…

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