Children's, Youth &
Community Center

Youth for Change


We have finished our holiday camps. It has been great to be with our children and teenager, providing them with spaces where they can enjoy being children, learning, playing, and discovering themselves while growing up in the heart of a loving community.

This year, we were accompanied by great “superheroes” who helped our guides to care for the children of our community, providing them with loving support to overcome their biggest problems.

Matias, Sofia, Adriana and Ariana participated as support volunteers in the holiday camps. It fills us with pride to see how young people from our community integrate themselves in making a difference to create a different world. These great actions mean a lot to those of us who are SALEM.

Without a doubt we hope this experience is wonderful for you, we will never forget this kind gesture, the patience, and the brightness that you have caused every day in our children. Welcome to our great SALEM family.

We are happy to know that there are no limits to reach Peace.

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