Children's, Youth &
Community Center

Vision, Mission, Values

Salem Ecuador is:

A community center of excellence providing high quality childcare, education and social services to at risk and vulnerable children, adolescents and their families in Mindo, Ecuador

Our Vision:

To provide expert, loving care and support for the most vulnerable children within the local community.

To assist children to become well educated, inspired, empowered, responsible, healthy adults who make a positive contribution to the local community and the evolution of the planet.

To provide a place where inspired educators students and parents interact to share and enjoy the benefits of inspiring, empowering and revolutionary education.

Our Mission:

To defend the rights and health of at risk and vulnerable children.

To improve the quality of life of our children and their families through free, high quality alternative education with a focus on developing social, academic and artistic skills.

To provide education programs in the arts, crafts & ecology.

To support children and their families with necessary care and welfare services.

To support and invest in local social enterprises which provide sustainable employment opportunities to parents and training and further education for adolescents

We are:

An independant NGO and proactive member of the local community.

A team of 19 compassionate professionals who serve over 300 individuals, 25 families and 60 children within the local community

Passionate about and committed to providing the excellent child care, education and social services to our local community.

We are: open, inclusive, innovative, creative, disciplined, professional, respectful, peaceful, mindful, compassionate, inspired, positive, passionate, happy, joyful.

We believe:

In putting Peace into practice – compassion and respect for all life and for the rights of the individual

That education is the key to improving the quality of all areas of life.

In investing in social skills and giving everyone the chance to lead an empowered pro active life.

We benefit from local culture, customs, experience and wisdom. We co-operate & collaborate with local, national and international agencies and partners.

In a holistic, ecological way of life including a vegetarian wholefood diet, natural medicine, and environmental protection through organic farming and permaculture conservation methods.

Our Objectives:

We will accomplish the above by / through achieving the following objectives

I) Improve the economic and social situation of the families served

II) Contribute to improve the physical, emotional and psychological health of children, prioritizing their self-esteem.

III) Improve proactive communication in client families

IV) Assist children and adolescents to form positive values and respect for life

V) Enable adolescents to complete their basic education and continue into university, college or vocational training

VI) Provide continual professional training and education for our employees & team members

VII) Provide safe, prepared and suitable facilities to enable education and training inside and outside the institution.

VIII) Maintain an efficient, up to date and transparent Administration System.


We at SALEM Ecuador live certain values and we also want to teach these values to our children. The most important values in life for us are the following:

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Trust
  • Friendship
  • Fun
  • Honesty
  • Companionship

Do these values and our mission seem important to you too? Support us with a donation.

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