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Protection of rights

SALEM International in Ecuador is firmly committed to promote the protection and exercise of rights. Due to the incidence and prevalence of cases of violence against women, children and adolescents, SALEM formed a specialized team to facilitate the accompaniment of cases of violence and offer timely attention using gender, human rights, and intercultural approaches.  

This team is called “Acompañamiento Amoroso” (Loving Accompaniment). It is based on principles of respect, confidentiality, listening, non-revictimization and protection. 

Work team: Counseling

Lines of work

  • Psychological care
  • Social accompaniment of cases
  • Advocacy with governmental institutions that intervene in the route of protection and care for victims of violence.

Direct attention in SALEM

The Loving Accompaniment team focuses on families of the SALEM community, that require attention. It seeks to recognize and understand the situation of each family.

Community Monitoring 

Our social worker is the person in charge of monitoring the community for possible cases of violence that require accompaniment. These types of cases have immediate priority. 

Social work establishes links with institutions that are part of the care and protection route for victims. This is done with support from protection counseling. 

Popular consultation center 

Our goal is to have outpatient consultations as a clinic, aimed at helping people in the community who need immediate help.

We urgently need to raise funds to continue this crucial part of our work here in Mindo. 

Can you help us by making a monthly or one-time donation towards the costs of our Acompañamiento Amoroso work?

Our long-term sponsors enable us to offer a sustainable, high quality level of service that makes a lasting impact on families and leads to a real long-term change in the community! 

If you have any questions about your donation, please feel free to contact us.

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