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SALEM offers a variety of afternoon care for 60 socially vulnerable children and youth. We accompany the kids while listening, to comforting and helping. In spaces organised according to the principles of Montessori pedagogy, we help SALEM kids discover their talents and improve their academic performance. In this way, they learn from the very beginning to treat their fellow human beings with respect.

In the arts and handycraft workshop, the sewing studio and the theater room, the children and adolescents have the oppotunity to experiment using materials and tools and have a chance to live out their creativity.

Advanced education

When our children go out into the world, new challenges are waiting for them and for us. SALEM wants to support the lives of children and young people not only for a limited time, but for the long term. That is why we want to continue to support them and promote higher school, university and vocational education.

Vivir Mi Vida – Scholarship Program

Vivir Mi Vida is the name of SALEM Ecuador’s scholarship program! The goal of the program is to inspire and empower young people to formulate and pursue their own goals and dreams, based on talent, initiative and motivation.
In all of SALEM’s projects around the world, it is especially important to us to help people lead fulfilling lives and allow everyone to grow to reach their full potential. At SALEM Ecuador, some of the children and young people we care for have achieved excellent academic qualifications through their own talent and hard work.

We have now also financially supported these students through our scholarship program so that they can continue studying and developing their careers, pursuing their own dreams. We would like to introduce three of our SALEM scholarship recipients.

Maira completed an internship at SALEM Kovahl, Germany in 2016/2017. In September 2018 she started studying a degree in Social Agriculture at the “Universidad Central” in Quito, Ecuador.

Yulissa was one of the best students of the year in her Bachelor and won a place studying Social Work at the “Universidad Central”, the largest and most prestigious state university in Ecuador.

Lady is studying Business Administration. Her goal is to support SALEM Ecuador by helping in the office with administration and accounting tasks.

Would you like to enable our students to create a future with a real perspective?

Become a sponsor of Vivir Mi Vida and make a regular monthly contribution.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Project Manager Jonas Lange via email:

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