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Let’s put peace into practice


 Peace is a path, not a state. It is something that we must constantly move towards.

At SALEM Ecuador, we put peace into practice. We share with you our Christmas wish for peace: Women, children, and families living in violence-free homes. At this very moment we are developing an action plan for SALEM to give families get the ongoing support and professional services that are required to heal and ensure peace in their homes.

How do we do that?

By providing high-quality, long-term, solution-based education and counseling for women and children experiencing physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

How can you help? 

Join our monthly giving program here and support the SALEM projects of education, therapy, and entrepreneurial support to benefit these women and children.

  • Help a struggling mother and her children recently separated from her abusive partner with a micro-loan for her empanada-selling business.
  • Give a child overcoming sexual abuse the opportunity to work with a licensed therapist in the loving SALEM Center.
  • Assist a depressed teen as they work to finish high school and learn important life skills by participating in SALEM workshops and projects.

How does this promote peace?  

Salem means peace. Since its inception in Germany in 1957, SALEM International has been giving those we serve the opportunity to experience and practice peace. SALEM Ecuador has been supporting the rural community of Mindo, Ecuador since 1999 in the quest for peace through

  • after school programs
  • family services
  • workshops
  • meal programs for underserved and underprivileged children and their families.

Thanks to your participation in our monthly giving program, we can teach families peaceful ways to deal with conflict, mental illness and self-care. Women and children who experience violence have SALEM to turn to for support. When they can create a path toward a life free from abuse and violence, we know we are well on our way to peace.

Please support Project Practice Peace today by clicking here


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