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Building Alliances – Casa Divina Eco Lodge and SabinaTour Operator


Efrain Toapanta and Molly Brown, friends of SALEM, owners of Casa Divina Eco Lodge and SabinaTour Operadora are part of our Corporate Sponsorship program. For many years Casa Divina has set an example for local businesses in the areas of social responsibility and sustainable tourism.

Efrain’s parents came to Mindo 60 years ago, and he remembers his childhood as an experience that has helped him at every stage of life. “If the economic world ends, the subsistence of life continues and here in Mindo we can feed and heal ourselves, thanks to nature. Mindo has a lot of history and we are all part of the process, we are either the problem or the solution.”  

Efrain was born and raised in Mindo, he met Molly in the 1990’s when she was researching the effects of ecotourism in Mindo as a student of Anthropology and the Environment at the University of Oregon. 

When we visited Casa Divina we marveled at the tranquility it offers its guests, in addition to its unique, rustic, cozy and homey infrastructure. Casa Divina was built in 2004, after a long process they managed to open their doors to visitors in 2007. In 2012 they created SabinaTour Operator.

Casa Divina was built with many visions of self-sufficiency complemented with human values, these we also share in SALEM and is what unites us the most to Casa Divina. Their initiative to support us is the impact that has been reflected over the years in the children who have been part of our project. Casa Divina constantly works closely with the community, with socio-environmental projects and fulfilling its social responsibility.

In SALEM we feel very happy to be part of the change, to have good friends who support us and allow us to continue providing our services to the community of Mindo.

Thank you Casa Divina Eco Lodge  and SabinaTour Operator, for getting involved in the defense of the rights of those who need it most. Through our Corporate Sponsorship Program, we are able to provide our support to more people in need.

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