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Our Values


The Logo on our new handmade t-shirts depicts a heart with children at play surrounded by many of the values and qualities which are important to us and our work within the community here in Mindo.


The name SALEM is derived from the Hebrew “Shalom” and means “peace”.

The foundations of our work are based on Christian-humanitarian values. The principles of brotherly love („love thy neighbour“) and a commitment to social justice give us a clear orientation and motivation in our work. We express this through action and a practical living faith. All of the SALEM projects worldwide are affliated through the shared values of peace and helping those in need.

We have a positive attitude to life and believe in inclusion and equal rights. We value all people regardless of their beliefs, nationality or social background. Since its inception SALEM Ecuador has been working on breaking the vicious circle of poverty, low standards of living, lack of education and lack of economic opportunities by giving children and young adults the opportunity to receive education and care within a progressive, loving environment.

Our values mean we are open to new ways of thinking and acting. We are ready to walk sometimes unconventional paths to go the extra mile for peace!

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