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Meet Sulema


For Sulema Lita, music is the key to connecting with the children in her care. She uses music to learn and teach. For her, being creative is a fantastic thing and she says that “when you ask for what you want and it is something positive for everyone, it appears!” 

We are blessed to have Sulema as the Education Coordinator of SALEM Ecuador. Since she was very young she has worked in different social organizations. She remembers that her first job was helping low-income children.

As a child, she was influenced by the teachings of her grandfather, to whom she attributes the lessons she has learned in her life. She learned that each step leaves footprints and each footprint expresses a person’s feelings. Sulema has always liked to apply her grandfather’s teachings to the community projects she is involved in.

When she first came to SALEM, Sulema tells us that she was very happy to find a non-profit organization with a clear mission, a very organized operation and a dedicated team. When she saw the children eager to learn new things, Sulema immediately connected with SALEM.

“When I work with the children, my eyes fill with light and happiness because I love teaching – I love it, I love it, I love it!”

Sulema enjoys hands-on work with children and families. Games and music are her forte at all times. “Office work has been a bit exhausting. One day I gave myself space to share with the kids and it fills me with so much excitement to see how young people lead groups.”  She is happy to see the kids leading, working and collaborating in SALEM.

Our coordinator shows love for what she does. It is great to have Sulema, forming youth and children leaders in our community.

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