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We are very pleased with Terrazas de Dana for joining our Cooperative Sponsorship program. A sincere thank you for committing to monthly donations for SALEM Ecuador. We recognize your community spirit and fight in defense of the most vulnerable. Thank you to our first sponsors in the territory!

David and Ana, natives of the Canary Islands in Spain, are the owners of a lodge renowned for its impeccable service and incredible view of the cloud forest – Terrazas de Dana. David first came to Ecuador in 2006, his stay was for two weeks and that was enough to make him fall in love with Ecuador. In 2010 he came to Mindo for the first time. “They told me to come to Mindo, there are butterflies and birds” that phrase was the beginning of many things. 

“I arrived in Mindo I took a cab, I went to the waterfalls, it poured rain. I bought a t-shirt and while I was eating I said, “this is where I come to live’.” The wonders he could find in one place filled David with enthusiasm to build a life around tourism.

Terrazas de Dana is a family-run lodge located in the parish of Mindo. It currently employs 6 people. David and Ana tell us that during the pandemic and the economic crisis that hit Mindo they heard that SALEM was providing support to families in need of food and family support services. That was the impetus for Ana and David to get involved with SALEM. 

Molly Brown, our communicator at SALEM Ecuador, contacted them about the project. When they learned about our center’s facilities and teaching methodologies, they were fascinated. David and Ana were happy to know that they would be supporting a great project, they knew they were doing the right thing. 

“We set out to support those they are helping,” David and Ana knew that their help would be essential for SALEM to continue supporting the community.

At SALEM, we are very happy to get people involved in supporting the local community. Our Corporate Sponsorship program is the most efficient and effective way to support our project. With your monthly donations, we are able to plan and achieve long-term developments. Your sponsorship helps provide child care, education and social services to the more than 60 local children at our center. learn more…

We want to thank David and Ana who are now part of the SALEM family. We promise them that we will continue in the fight to create better opportunities for our community.

 We want a loving and caring world!

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