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The start of the “food bank”


Mindo is already affected by the virus, no infection has been detected yet, but since the beginning of the crisis nobody visits the tourist place anymore and so there are no jobs and therefore no money to feed himself and maybe his family. More than 70% of the population in the canton of Los Bancos now have problems to provide for themselves due to the lack of wages. This is why the “MIES” – Ministry for Economic and Social Integration – together with the “CONADIS” – National Council for the Equality of Disabled People -, the “Junta Parroquial” – the local council committee – and SALEM created the “Banco de alimentos” – a food bank – for the first time on March 21. We want to be active in supporting the needy with food packages.

With your donations we can, for example, provide a family of four or five with food for a week for $18.

With the income from the donations we buy food from farms or supermarkets, which we then divide into two banks – a seed bank and a food bank. Based on a list of people in need and many volunteers, we divide the entire purchase into packages. By handing over the goods, the families and individuals agree to make their gardens plantable in the future – until then we take care of the planting – so that they can be more independent and grow the seeds. Because not only families are on our list, but also craftsmen, elderly people, people with disabilities or single parents.

To thank you for your donation, we will note down what we have bought with your money and send you this certificate.

Thank you very much for your collaboration and solidarity in this difficult time!

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