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Special parents evening on domestic violence and child abuse


At last weeks parents evening we were very grateful to the two social workers of SEPE (Servicio Especializado de Protección Especial) who accompanied and presented a special programme. SEPE is a free, public service which offers a specialised service to victims of domestic violence and child abuse. SEPE also works to support human rights and improve relationships within families.

The evening started with a dance and a little game to relax and have fun. Later, in groups, we discussed the serious topic of domestic violence and child abuse. We agreed that violence is never the answer and not a way to solve problems. We also discussed that the parents should never take their problems home with them because when they do the whole family and especially their children suffer.

The parents were inspired to think about what is the most important thing in their lives and what is their greatest joy. Without hesitation all parents choose their children as their greatest joy! Often however, parents lose themselves within a Family and only think about their children. The social workers highlighted that it is also extremely important that parents think about themselves. Parents also need to feel loved, valued and respected. When parents are not feeling happy and loved this can cause a bad atmosphere and lead to problems in the family.

Parents are always a role model for their children and sometimes the parents forget that their children’s behaviour is in fact caused by, and reflects their own behaviour. All the more reason for parents to be aware of how they are acting and how they are showing up in the world for their children.

Domestic violence and child abuse is still a real problem in Mindo and anyone who notices it has the social responsibility to inform the relevant authorities with a view to resolving the situation. In such situations SEPE is always available to advise and to help those in need.

The parents evening was a great success and we agreed that

every life is valuable and we need to aspire more to the Ecuadorian national motto of: „AMA LA VIDA” (Love life).

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