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SALEM makes home visits


Sulema Lita, Educational Director at SALEM Ecuador is a woman in motion. Rarely has anyone actually seen her sitting down. Recently her limitless energy has been directed toward SALEM’s home visits. Sulema and Francia, a local clinical psychology intern, visit SALEM beneficiary families in their homes for a few hours several times each week. 


“It’s important to make home visits so that we can observe the family dynamics that occur in each home. This allows us to identify needs and work with available resources to support each family unit.”


Parent-child communication, hygiene, self-care – both physical and mental – are common topics during these hour-long sessions. Sulema and Francia use a combination of games, exercises, and short demonstrations to recognize challenges in the home. Creative solutions, peaceful negotiations, and lots of laughs are typical after a SALEM home visit. 


Sulema and her team are dedicated to raising the quality of life for each SALEM beneficiary. With her boundless energy and generous smile, Sulema is a force to behold – one that keeps SALEM and the well-being of the families of Mindo in constant upward motion. Thank you Sulema for the invaluable, selfless work you do for our community.

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