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Survey to Improve Socio-economics for Residents of Mindo


Johana Orozco and Paola Rey have been walking the neighborhoods of Mindo for the last few weeks collecting short interviews and conversations with residents to learn more about the community. The data collected from over 60 households will be extremely useful for SALEM Ecuador. Thanks to Johanna and Paola’s research, we will have a better idea of which sectors of the community are benefiting most from SALEM activities. We will also determine what kind of support SALEM should implement to the Mindo community in the future. This important survey will ensure our projects and initiatives are targeted appropriately to reach as many beneficiaries as possible in the local area.

Johana is a Mindo native studying Social Work at the Technical University of Ambato. Paola has her Master’s Degree in Social Work. Both young women are collaborating with SALEM Ecuador to create the first socioeconomic report of the Mindo community by assessing levels of education, nutrition, employment, and economy in local households. The study is still in progress, but so far it is clear that families that actively participate in SALEM activities have higher success rates in school, improved family communication, and lower levels of violence.

To read more about Johana and her history as a child growing up with SALEM Ecuador, please click here.


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