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From the moment a child or adolescent crosses our precious wooden door, he/she is immediately part of our big SALEM family. A family that shares love, peace, freedom, hope and at the same time all the values that identify us.

We wonder how many children and teenagers have crossed through our door, walking the short cobblestone path at the entrance, are data that we do not have instantly, in fact we have never questioned it; in no way we thought of giving a numerical value to the family.

We only know that we are a large family, with different ways of thinking, different nationalities and so many characteristics that define us individually; but we all have the same desire for peace, which began with our founder Gottfried Müller, 65 years ago.

In SALEM-Ecuador, we will celebrate 22 years of service in Mindo and we realize that our work has been essential for the development of the community, from a vision focused on the protection of the most vulnerable.

So, have we achieved our goals? The answer is yes!

A young man who was part of the SALEM family and is now a leader in the community, or, to a young woman  who faced all her problems and is now an advocate. Another grown Salem kid  works with young people teaching them entrepreneurship. There are so many more boys and girls who do their best to have a more loving community. We are very proud and happy that these children are part of our family.

We ask again, how many children and youth will we continue to see walk through our doors and down the short driveway? The answer is that we don’t know for how long. But we can be sure that we will continue to work as long as our resources allow us to  in a world where new needs are constantly emerging.

We are grateful to all the people who have supported  our work serving the community. Those who have supported us with donations or in turn opening the doors of their homes, businesses, providing food and volunteering their time. 

We will always be grateful to all those who continue to join our great SALEM family.
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