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Meet Luis


Hi, I’m Luis Carrillo, but many know me as “Chamo”. Since I was very young I have been passionate about listening, teaching and making music.

I came to SALEM 3 years ago, since then I have been teaching the art of music to children and teenagers. I have always enjoyed teaching and working with groups, it makes me feel alive alive!. I like working with SALEM projects. I feel free to be more creative here.

My personality is a bit childish at times.. I like to play and learn from the children. They always teach me life lessons. Music is a profession, a passion to always be studying. It makes me happy every time I see my kids play something I didn’t teach them, then I know they are on the right track.

Teaching is a gift that comes from my childhood. When I teach music all my senses become active, my two passions together in one place. I love to play all musical instruments, but the guitar is what fills me with the most joy.

SALEM has taught me about respect, diversity of cultures and thoughts, unity, responsibility and above all human values. I learned to give importance to the things that really matter. 

Emigrating to Ecuador from my native city of Trujillo in Venezuela is something that I did not really choose, but this is what has  been given to me in life and I am grateful to have met wonderful people along the way. Working with the whole team is a great experience.  I haven’t  ever  worked with a team like this before, they are very special.

The experiences with the children are fantastic every day. They always have new stories to tell me. I am satisfied with the work I am doing in SALEM. It is something that was missing in the community, giving the opportunity to discover passions in children. Carlitos started it more than 7 years ago and for me it is a pride to continue with the musical project in SALEM.

A teacher told me a long time ago: “You must learn to teach, if you don’t learn to teach. The learning acquired is of no use to you”.

At SALEM we are happy to have the valuable support of Luis, Thank you for being part of the change!

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