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Masks made with love and quality


We are completing our second batch of wholesale masks for companies. Thanks to our SALEM Handmade project, we are making quality products without losing attention to social, ecologically sustainable and humanitarian principles.

The first time we participated in a competition for the production of face masks, we were the winners and made 350 face masks for the German Society for International Cooperation. They were very happy with the SALEM Handmade’s work and asked us for 470 more masks.

We were happy to have this entrepreneurship to generate income for people in the community who do not have jobs. The masks contain three layers of anti-fluid fabric and can be customized.  

In order to be able to offer quality products from SALEM Handmade, we first train and observe that each seamstress provides quality, responsibility and love for the work done. Currently we have the support of Marcela who is our project coordinator and we have given work to four women in the community. 

We are currently developing projects for the hotel industry. We also have other sewing projects in the works. Learn more…

We are reliable and responsible with our work!

You have the power to make projects like these possible and make a big difference for the children and families we support! 

Learn more about SALEM Handmade and how to support us.

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