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SALEM Handmade

SALEM Handmade is a social enterprise, which supports and empowers women by creating sustainable employment opportunities in the local economy.

SALEM Handmade products are manufactured with love and care according to social, ecological, sustainable and humanitarian principles.

The first trial project was the design and production of t-shirts in our own sewing workshop on our premises in Mindo. This was a great success.

The first commercial project is the production of reusable bags. The aims of the start up project are to start the company, to produce and sell a short run of commercially viable products and find sales and distribution partners. The reusable bags will also help to avoid plastic waste in the village, contribute to environmental sustainability and to create awareness and support for ecological issues.

A cooperative of local woman has been formed to produce 180 bags in three different styles. These bags will be on sale in the local shops, hotels and lodges from the middle of July. To date support and feedback from local businesses has been very positive. We already have sold a third of our inventory and expect to sell all of the bags before the end of August.

Investing in the future

Over many years SALEM Ecuador has invested in the sewing workshop and the education of local women and children in sewing and needlecraft.

We have seeded the commercial start up phase of this social enterprise with around a $2k investment. The second phase of the project will start in September 2019. The aims of the second phase of this project will be to:

  • Employ a business and sales manager
  • Purchase additional machines and equipment
  • Develop products to supply the needs of the local tourism industry.
  • Create a larger distribution network,
  • Increase sales and turnover.
  • Provide more employment opportunities for local women
  • Form an independent legal entity owned by members of the cooperative.


We now to find need investors and partners to raise between $10-15k to invest in second phase of the this project.

Donate & invest in this project

Are you an angel investor who can help to make our vision a reality? Are you able to to make a donation or invest in this company and enable women to create their own thriving social enterprise?To learn more about investing in SALEM Handmade, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Development Manager, Ollie Clubb, by email

Even the smallest donation can enable projects like this one which make a big difference to the children and families we support! A regular monthly donation to our sponsorship program will help us to provide effective and sustainable support.

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