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Learning about love and friendship at SALEM


Photo captured before the pandemic

Edwin and Silvana are pedagogic guides at SALEM Ecuador. They tell us about why it is important to teach children and teens about self-love. Love is an important value from which respect, empathy, and solidarity grow.

For Edwin, having self-love is something necessary for one’s wellbeing, “I teach my kids that love exists in all beings that surround us, and that friendship is the love that one has for friends”; he works with small yet significant aspects of life. The goal is that the kids learn to love and share with their peers.

With a smile on her face, Silvana highlights the amazing job that SALEM does in teaching values to the children. “From a young age, kids are social beings, it is important to reinforce these values. Because being a good friend is a value!”.

Love and friendship are details that are embodied in SALEM, to form a supportive and respectful community.

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