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Interculturality and our values


When we hear interculturality a few words that come to mind are culture, respect, values, colors, diversity and life. At SALEM we are celebrating Interculturality month with our children. 

UNESCO refers to Interculturality as the presence and equitable interaction of diverse cultures and the possibility of generating shared cultural expressions through dialogue and mutual respect. read more.

Our guides explain and apply interculturality with the children. For Silvana it is important to talk about respect.I teach my children to respect diversity, the difference of cultures and the way we speak. That’s interculturality!”

The work we do at SALEM always comes with shared values of peace and helping those in need. We actively work at various global points to help people in difficult situations, regardless of their beliefs or nationality. Our work is focused on providing the welfare required to excel in the community.

Sulema explains that “the idea is to learn to be respectful of each other’s experiences, to make every learning experience meaningful and enriching for everyone, to respect that everyone has their own culture and to respect the way they dress, speak and eat what they like”.

Our founder Gottfried Müller intended to carry around the world a message of respect for all life and that no living creature should be harmed. We frame respect as the value that underlies interculturality.

From our approach Interculturality is love, respect, freedom, trust, friendship, fun, honesty, fellowship and peace, are the human values that allow us to be active and have a positive attitude towards life, inclusion and equal rights. 

We are ready to walk on paths that will lead us to promote peace!
Our roots are in Germany, our heart belongs to the whole world.


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