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Today we would like to introduce you to one of our supporters here in Mindo. Ignacio and his wife are the owners of the Hostel “La Roulette” which follows an ecological lodging concept. Our children have already enjoyed playing in their bamboo labyrinth many times. Ignacio also donates delicious bread regularly and helps us with any questions concerning construction.

Ignacio, what is your relationship with SALEM International?

Well, it’s a friendly relationship. We are friends with Jonas and the people who work there, as well as the children. The children know us because they have visited us in the bamboo labyrinth.

How long have you known about SALEM?

For maybe twelve or thirteen years, when the Swiss came to work here. That is how we got to know SALEM.

Why are you supporting SALEM?

A long time when I was a kid, maybe twelve years old, I remember I was going to a concert with another friend and the police were very aggressive at the entrance. But there was a boy a little bit older than us, who we didn’t know, and he stood up for us, and the image of that boy sticks in my mind. I didn’t know who he was. Years later I saw him in a bar and I went up to him and said hello. I told him that I remembered him helping us. But the important thing I think is that he showed me what it means to be a good person, both in the heart and mind. Someone that supports you so that you aren’t alone. I think that we should do the same thing with children. In other words, make it known to children that they are supported, so much so that they will remember it forever. Especially for the children who arrive at SALEM with difficult situations. The main motive is to create joy and happy moments in children that they will remember later. These moments leave you so full that you can’t be a bad person if you have planted good things in your heart.

How do you contribute to the SALEM project?

I am a baker by hobby and I make bread. I can make about four or five loaves of bread for the children. I also have a construction background. My profession is engineering, so I have helped with small projects here at SALEM. There are not many things, but I did help with the place for the bicycles and I hope I can do other bigger things. The idea is that we use our expertise to serve and help. The bread is not just bread, but all the knowledge needed to make it.

Many people can help, you don’t need money to help. This is important.

What do you like most in the work that SALEM organization does?

I think that the work that I like the most is related to creating these happy moments for the kids. Letting them know that they are supported. To me, that is the fundamental work of SALEM. I know that they have psychologists for the children who have gone through difficult things. The children and the mothers are very important to SALEM. Financial support and other things are also important. But I don’t think any of them compare to this: Creating happy moments.

Do you want to say something else to the people who read this article?

We can all create a moment of joy in a child with anything or any act, but we can also do the opposite. A bad gesture with a child that instead of this happy moment sows the opposite, it creates resentment and hatred. So we have to be very careful with children and what we do with them. And a message for people who have a good heart is that we can all help. The poorest poor person can save a penny a day and can help with another penny. So there is no excuse not to help. Because we all can.


Salem Ecuador is extremely grateful for Ignacio and all the people who support us with their knowledge and donations. SALEM would not be possible without you.

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