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Since its inception the great work of SALEM Ecuador has been funded through the very generous, long term contributions of our donors!

To all of our donors we say: Thank you!

Through your continued support over the years, like the children that we care for, SALEM Ecuador has grown from strength to strength and become a strong and successful member of the local community. We intend to continue to invest your donations carefully and wisely and match all of your generosity with our own energy and passion for childcare and education! The easiest and most effective way to support us is to make an online donation using the form below.

Online Donation Form

Transparency & Accountability

As a charitable organisation we strive to have very low administrative costs and are mindful of giving maximum transparency to our donors and the general public. We pride ourselves on the strict and efficient administration and management practices in all SALEM projects worldwide. We at SALEM Ecuador guarantee that your donations go to support activities in our core programme and are effective in making a real difference to the lives of our children and the local community. If you would like to make a large donation, beqeuathment or require more information about our costs and management and accounting please contact us – we will be happy to talk to you!

Bank transfers

You can make a direct donation to one of the following bank accounts. Please indicate your donation is to SALEM Ecuador and to which project you are donating to. Contact us to recieve a tax reciept.

Bank details Germany:

VR Bank Oberfranken Mitte eG
IBAN: DE55 7719 0000 0000 2557 77

Bank details Ecuador:

SALEM International
Banco Pichincha S.A.
Cuenta corriente nro. 3216000604
RUC 1791874706001

Project Donations

We have many specific needs for specific projects! One of our long term projects is Viva La Musica – our music and arts education programme. If you are passionate about music and the arts then please consider making a donation to this project.

Fundraising Partners

We are actively seeking Fundraising partners in the USA and United Kingdom. If you are passionate about providing child care and empowering education and would like to organise a Fundraiser for us or cooperate with us on fundraising activities we would love to talk to you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Charitable Status: Legal Notice

Under Tax Number 208/147/40057, due to the advancement of development assistance; youth and elderly welfare service; animal, nature and environmental protection; and the advancement of an international understanding as a commonly acknowledged goal, the work of SALEMInternational has been recognised by the Financial Office of Bayreuth, Germany as tax deductible and free from corporate income tax under § 5 Abs.1 Nr.9 KStG (tax assessment notice from 07/01/09).
We voluntarily send our yearly financial documentation, independently checked by the auditing company Rödl & Partner to Deutsches Zentralinstitut für Soziale Fragen (DZI).

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