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Your body is yours, it is beautiful and no one else’s


SALEM International in Ecuador is firmly committed to promoting the practice and protection of our rights. Due to the high incidence of violence in the Mindo community, our loving accompaniment team held a meeting with the children of our community. They shared traditional games, dynamics and stories with the slogan “Your body is yours, it is beautiful and no one else’s”.

The initiative arose from the need to educate our children about respect for their bodies and their being. To show the autonomy they have over themselves and that no one has the right to touch them without their permission. The intention of this campaign is to prevent sexual abuse in childhood and to strengthen intra-family communication.

We urgently need to raise funds to continue to advocate for those who need it most.

You can help us by making a monthly or one-time donation towards the costs of our Loving Accompaniment work.

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