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Vacation Outings


Because the school year here ends in February, March and April are the months when the kids in Mindo and the rest of the coastal regimen of Ecuador have their long vacation. 

As in the previous year, SALEM counts on the willingness to cooperate in Mindo, so that we can offer the children and young people of the project a varied vacation program.

Due to the pandemic situation, we organized two weeks full of excursions in and around Mindo and offered a varied range of evening classes at the Center. In this way, we divided approximately 70 children and adolescents into two groups and each group spent one week with us. In addition, we made sure that as many activities as possible take place outdoors, and these, of course, with distance and masking. Here are a few places we visited on our field trips:

The pool at Sisakuna Hotel

Mariposas de Mindo, the local butterfly house

Canopy Tour

Hotel La Roulotte – they have a maze!

Tubing down the Mindo River

We had such a blast! Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

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