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As we do every year during our children’s school vacations, we plan and discuss our work, the most urgent needs we have and possible solutions. We had a difficult year, but we have always been known for working as a team and that is why for us at SALEM it is important to share our experiences and points of view in order to improve our attention to the families.

At the beginning of the first week of April, Johana, our social worker, presented us with the socioeconomic study on the work SALEM is doing in the community of Mindo. The results were very promising, we have managed to meet our objectives throughout this period of time. In the end all our efforts have been showing results. 

Thanks to the support of all our donors and the people who have joined us little by little with their support, we have been able to develop each of our activities.

Please help us continue to provide this support to families in need and continue giving opportunities to underserved children and teens. Meet Yulissa, Meet Sebas, Meet Johana, Meet Maricela

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