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SALEM for peace


SALEM Ecuador watches with shock the terrible developments in Ukraine and we demand an immediate end to the aggression against a sovereign country. War only brings suffering, hunger, poverty and irreparable damage on both sides. We stand with all the people who are losing their lives, their loved ones, their homes.

May cohesion and unity soon lead us to peace, love, respect, freedom, trust and friendship. These values will allow us to be active and have a positive attitude towards life, inclusion and equal rights, to walk on paths that will lead us to foster peace around the world.

The name SALEM derives from the Hebrew word “shalom” and means “peace”. Peace is the main motivation for SALEM’s work. Due to traumatic experiences during war and captivity, SALEM’s founder, Gottfried Müller, decided to put his life in the service of God from then on. He never wanted to harm people, animals or nature again. Our organization has been working in this spirit since 1957.

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