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Musicaféina – celebrating performing Arts in SALEM


After many weeks and months of practicing and rehearsals our young artists gave their all and presented their work at a special concert here at SALEM.

The evening started with the beginners guitar group followed by the choir. The newly formed dance group, decked in special costumes and lit by torchlight provided the highlight of the evening as they performed the premier of “Canta Pajarillo”: a specially coreographed dance performance set to the music of a folklore cumbia song. This song has been part of the SALEM repertoire for many years and has been handed on from Music teacher to teacher. The song was recently recorded by various SALEM collaborators and friends in five languages and with different instruments as the prelude to the dance performance and upcoming film.

Our guests enjoyed the interval with a tasty selection of drinks and snacks, such as hot chocolate, tortillas, and cakes baked by the parents.

After the break the music teachers of SALEM formed a special band to perform various son, cumbia and andino songs. Rebe & Sophia a special “teacherstudent” vocal duo graced us with some enchanting acoustic covers. The finale was given to our youth band “Pacha Malta” with their repertoire of Latino rock songs,

We would like to thank everyone who came and made the concert into such a fiesta and a really special evening!

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