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For SALEM our focus is always the welfare of the most disadvantaged populations.

Many women, girls, boys and adolescents suffer violence from a very early age. The World Health Organization details that almost 736 million people suffer violence at the hands of a partner or others, and it has worsened with the confinements due to the pandemic. Read more…

In SALEM we are concerned that there are high rates of violence in the world, that is why we have seen the need to create a campaign against violence in our community, “Mindo free of violence!”. This is a phrase that we are trying to induce in the minds of the population that is closely watching our work. This we have been able to develop thanks to the support of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) and people who have the same vision of achieving a world free of violence.

Monica Mancero is the one who directed the production of 5 videos for the campaign “Mindo free of violence”, for her it is important to raise awareness about gender violence. That is why she calls on all members of the community to stop violence.

 “This is an issue that we should all talk about together, especially I think it should be the main interest of the state. If we see violence let’s stop, let’s help and seek help, as a community let’s not be accomplices and let’s not let the circle of violence grow.”

Despite the fact that there is no accurate data on gender violence, either because many victims do not report out of fear or there is no proper process by aid agencies. With the little information av

ailable, it can be observed that the attacks, whether physical, psychological or sexual, are carried out by family members or people close to the victims, due to the sentimental closeness and trust they show.

We think it is important to talk about these issues, because no one wants to talk about it, either out of fear or because it is considered taboo. But this is something that happens all the time.

At SALEM we are very happy with the reception of the campaign ̈¡Un Mindo sin Violencia! ̈ in the population that we have transmitted through our social networks, for us it is important to continue reinforcing the values of respect and integrate the community in the defense of the rights of women, children and adolescents; since in this context children and women are the members who suffer the most.

Our goal is to continue creating more projects like these, we care about the most disadvantaged or at risk families in our community. All of our efforts to raise awareness and reduce violence in Mindo and the world have been made possible thanks to the great support of our donors.

We are looking for individuals and/or entities that would like to sponsor one of our projects. With a donation you can help us continue to support the families that need help the most.

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