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Living the music: Interview with our music teacher Luis


All of our children receive music lessons here at SALEM. Those who want to can learn an instrument. Currently we offer guitar, ukulele, piano and drums lessons. Our teacher Luis teaches them music with a lot of love and fun.

Luis is from Venezuela and has been in Mindo for seven years now, five years teaching at SALEM (Here you can learn more about him). But why is the “Viva la música” program at SALEM important and how does it work?

Luis, since you are making a lot of music every day, what is Music for you?

For me, music is a way of life.

What is the “Viva la Musica” program at SALEM?

“Viva la música” is a project that was born from the hand of a friend, Ollie Clubb. The idea was to bring music to all the children we can reach both in SALEM and in the community, to give them the opportunity to play an instrument for free.

What do you do with the children and teenagers in the music classes?

Depending on the age, I like to play a lot. I like that they learn by playing. I try to make music part of their daily life.

Why is music important for children and adolescents?

Music is important because it is a means of expression and communication, an art that complements them as human beings. When I teach them I feel that they are filled with a lot of happiness. When they listen to an instrument they are very happy. And learning music through fun is something that will help them later in life.

What are the goals of the “Viva la música” project?

We want to form children who are inclined to music and that music is a natural environment in the community. Something that is not unattainable for children. Sometimes children see an instrument and have never had the opportunity to play one. So it’s about making music part of their day for them too.

What are your plans or wishes for the project in the future?

That it continues to grow. That more staff can contribute to the program. That it could be combined with other arts such as theater, painting… And that the children benefit from it and that we can have many more children participate and reach more people.

What will you need to improve the project?

I think that with more funds we could hire more people. Someone who teaches dance for example and another music teacher. My dream would be a team dedicated to focusing on the arts. It could be great for coordinating events, and much easier than just one person doing everything.

Do you want to say anything else about music? What do you want people who read this article to know?

Well, music is very important among the arts and I would like to say that we should always support young people and children to participate in artistic and sports activities. Let’s build a better world and create more opportunities for artists and athletes.  



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