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Inline Skating


Last week we started to take the children Inline Skating again. The children arrive at around 12:30 for lunch and the first 4 or 5 to finish get to go skating. Even though we only go skating on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Children absolutely love skating and would spend all day every day at the sports hall if they could! Alas tutorials start at 2 and we have to cart the children back to SALEM to work on their homework and Montessori activities in their groups.

This week we realised that most of our Skates, helmets and protectors are broken and don’t really work at all. In fact last week we literally had to cart one girl back to SALEM in the wheel barrow because the catch on one of her skates had broken and she couldn’t take one of her skates off! We had to cut the catch with a hacksaw!

We want to continue to take the children skating and since the safety of every child is our top priority we really need to replace our Inline kit as soon as possible. So we are hoping that Santa will be kind and bring us some new Skates for Christmas!

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