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Health and color: I sow, preserve and share


Care for nature and love for the earth are cross-cutting themes in SALEM International’s work. Permanently, strategies are developed to promote and sensitize children and their families to care for the environment. One of the recent proposals is “Health and color”, which has two main objectives:

To elaborate a botanical card with children, mothers, grandmothers and fathers to share among all the families that are linked to SALEM International. This requires constant home visits to ask about the plants and their uses in each family nucleus. In addition, during the visits we show ways of planting with simple and recycled materials, the use of organic fertilizers and the indications to have a medicinal or ornamental garden in each house.

In all the activities with the children, the use of recycled and organic materials is promoted.

All this generates a space for sharing among all family members and achieves integration, dialogue and use of the time dedicated to the children. These actions are part of the Child Labor Eradication Project.

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