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Viva La Musica – Giving a Voice to Music


Our first donation to the Viva La Musica music program came from the local community in Mindo. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote us this letter:

Dear SALEM Ecuador

After attending the Christmas market I felt very moved to contribute to your music program Viva La Musica. I was in the front row watching a group of 8 children from about 5 to 8 years old perform some traditional Christmas songs, as well as everyday favorites, and one of the children in particular really interested me. It was like the rest of the world had fallen away and it was just him and the microphone as he belted out the lyrics. He was the star, he was the center stage as he closed his eyes and sang. The other kids were having a grand time, but


this one little guy was completely transformed into a powerful presence on stage.


You don’t see that very often in the small, rural town of Mindo, Ecuador. So when one of the music teachers mentioned that microphones were needed to expand the music program, I volunteered to donate one.

There is so much need at SALEM, in Mindo, in Ecuador and in the world that it often feels futile or impossible to contribute enough, but

if I can donate a microphone so that kids with so little in their lives can find their voice, then it’s a concrete action that helps a real child and I can get behind that.


Thank you SALEM International and SALEM Ecuador for all you do.


Thank YOU for your donation!

We can all make a difference! When we sing from our hearts we can reach the hearts of the audience! In the same way when we give from the heart with a pure intention our contribution has the potential to make a big difference!

Enabling and empowering people to play, enjoy and share music is such a powerful gift.

A donation to Viva La Musica combined with the children’s joy of music and our passion for community and education mean the effects will be amplified and will reverberate for many years to come!

Can you contribute to Viva La Musica and make a real difference to children in our community?

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