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Guaguas de pan y colada morada


In Ecuador, November 1st is a great celebration as it is „Dia de los Muertos“. The “Day of the Dead” is a time where families gather together in the community cemetery with offerings of food for a day-long remembrance of their ancestors and lost loved ones. The common tradition consists of eating „Guaguas de Pan“ which is a typical bread as well as drinking a warm drink made out of fruits and spices, called „colada morada“.

We also celebrated „Dia de los Muertos“ here in Salem Ecuador: Every child got to make their own individual „guagua de pan“ which we then all ate together, along with a delicious cup of „colada morada”. We also enjoyed a variety of other activates, such as face painting and dressing up in Halloween costumes, playing board games and group gamesdynamics.

A happy day for everyone!

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