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Food for peace workshop


Our commitment to an organic diet and promoting a balance of food on the plates of our communities has been the basis of all SALEM projects around the world. The idea of learning to consume plants from our garden is an initiative that is driven by the “Slow Food” sustainable food network of the Andean Chocó, which is part of the “Alimentamos la Paz” campaign. This confirms the importance of food to achieve social harmony and balance with the environment.  We managed to have a fantastic afternoon at the Food for Peace Workshop “Cooking with Buenazas”. 


It is a term we have used for the spontaneous weeds that always accompany humans in orchards, sidewalks, gardens and roads, which we usually consider as weeds.

“…through food we build history, we change landscapes, we relate, we feel affection, we create causes and consequences in the environment, sometimes good (hopefully) and sometimes bad”. For Nina Duarte, a forestry engineer, it is important to strengthen food sovereignty and this kind of workshop demonstrates it.”

Thanks to Nina and the entire team, we were able to provide the participants with an unforgettable experience. Cooking an herb that for years has been seen as a weed generated amazement and fascination in everyone present. 

The little weeds are now called “Buenazas”.

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