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Feelings for the music


In order to develop a feeling for music that children and young people cannot develop at school, our music teacher Luis takes on this task.

The missing music classes at school are held with each age group once a week at SALEM. During this time they talk together about the structure of music and play musical games, which mainly train rhythm.

SALEM has decided to make this approach to music mandatory so that the children, youth and staff can understand music theory and learn to apply it in practice. Luis teaches the children and youth a realistic approach to music and therefore works with all kinds of everyday objects, such as plastic cups, aluminum cans with scissors or simply with one’s own body.

Most of the participants show a lot of interest in this new offer, as Luis teaches the lessons in a cheerful, relaxed way and with a lot of joy in the music. In addition, the children and young people have a lot of fun with practical tasks and activities.

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