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Enjoying the spirit of giving at our big Christmas party


Here at SALEM Ecuador on the weekend before Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with a big two-day Christmas party with many exciting activities.

The theme of our Christmas party was the idea of give and take, which is all too often lost in our consumer society.

On Saturday, everyone met in the morning and prepared a big Christmas lunch. Different groups of participants helped with cooking and baking cookies. To make the lunch as beautiful and as festive as possible, some of the children helped to set up the nativity play and decorate the Christmas tree, while others were busy wrapping presents and tidying the garden. We also sang and danced to christmas carols.

Everyone was really busy until finally lunch was served on festively decorated tables. After a short prayer of thanks everyone enjoyed their delicious Christmas lunch! A special treat for everyone! After lunch and at the end of the day each child received a special gift donated to SALEM. Everyone went home with a smile on their face and in eager anticipation of the next day!

Sunday was spent in a tiny village near Mindo called Saloya. Due to Saloyas remote location the children living there are often excluded from participating in activities in Mindo. That’s why we wanted to share our Christmas spirit with them. We played lots of different games like choccy choc, apple bobbing and team games. After the games we all went to the river for a swim and to enjoy the rest of the sunny day.

After a lot of splashing and shouting everyone had clamed down and we all ate together. After lunch each child gave another child in the circle a hug and presented them with their very own SALEM t-shirt. The special hand made t-shirts with an exclusive design were produced in-house by the SALEM Handmade project. Everyone was very proud to wear their t-shirts for the final group photo.

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