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Christmas party – something different


Christmas is an important time for SALEM children! But this year the celebration had to be adapted to the pandemic, but of course this did not stop us from preparing a feast for the children and young people.

Thanks to an invitation, four groups spent the morning and afternoon on two days in a lodge with a swimming pool.

After a twenty-minute walk out of the center of Mindo, we arrived at “Mindo River” and washed our hands directly – a long process with many children and only one sink. Even though they have known the procedure for many months, since washing hands is the first thing to be done in SALEM as well, the children and youth were more excited and hardly wanted to wait since the pool was already waiting for them.

The children and teenagers enjoyed the time to play in the water very much – the whirlpool with hot water, the big pool with varying depth but most of all the ball was constantly in the air.

After all the running around, dinner was ready that our excellent cook Fernanda had planned. The hotel also cooked for all of us – even with Fernanda’s help and advice – mashed potatoes layered with vegetables, a mango and spinach salad, tomato topped with cheese and lemonade!

Music, which can’t be missing from a Christmas party, was also taken care of. Luis, our music teacher, and Francia, a volunteer, played the guitar and violin and encouraged the children to sing Christmas songs.

Lastly, Santa Claus came by and gave gifts to the children, which they received and presented in the form of symbolic hugs.

Some of them started their way back to SALEM with new shoes! Once in SALEM, the group guides took a short break before the afternoon group was curiously waiting for them at the gate.

Again, we had a wonderful celebration – many thanks to the Mindo River Guest House!


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