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Café Navideño – a complete success


Thanks to the help and support of the children, parents and Salem team the long anticipated Cafe Navideno was a complete success!

With a full cultural program the guests were just as enchanted by the skills of children and teenagers performing acrobatics, dancing and singing, as they were shopping for wonderful handicrafts and christmas snacks at different stalls.

Of course no Christmas market would be complete without some tasty treats. Our guests enjoyed a broad selection of sweets ranging from handmade German Christmas cookies made by the children, to a huge selection of desserts and other savoury delicacies, made by the SALEM team and very generous parents.

Visitors were guided on tours of SALEM, and under the expert guidance of our staff, were even able to try out the Montessori materials which the children use in their daily tutorials.

The sea of happy young faces, the spirit of camaraderie in the team not to mention record numbers of guests made this a magical event to be remembered.

A heartfelt thank you to our team, all of the helping hands and to all of the visitors who helped to create such a wonderful atmosphere!

We look forward to welcoming you all again next year!

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