Children's, Youth &
Community Center

Actively Promoting Oral Health


Teaching our children about dental care is important to us. Before the pandemic we always make sure that everyone at SALEM brushes their teeth after eating. Our goal is that dental care is valued by our children and that they can maintain good hygiene throughout their lives. Due to biosecurity protocols, we continue to transmit to the children the value of health and self-care that they can do at home. 

The Mindo Health Center offered SALEM dental check-ups, which we gratefully accepted, for all children and adolescents. It is important for both the Mindo Health Center and SALEM to provide health care for our children.

Most of the children were very apprehensive and afraid to be treated by the doctor, but we explained to them that the only thing that would be done was to check that their teeth were healthy.

SALEM is very grateful that the health center takes the time and offers to come to the project and spend time with each child or young person. We continue to work together with the Mindo Health Center, in various activities of talks to encourage young people to empower their health and respect for their bodies.

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