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We are always looking for people who share our values and ideals to join our team and contribute to our work.

Volunteering & Internships

We currently offer three full time annual volunteer placements in SALEM Ecuador. These volunteer placements are intended to enable volunteers to work for us as part of a gap year – prior to graduate study, or as part of an academic internship related to a degree or masters study course.

A full job description and important information relating to the volunteer programme can be found in the following pdf

Internship: Education & teaching assistant

A message from one of last years volunteers:

Thanks to everyone! To all future volunteers, let me just say, DO IT! There will be difficult times, and there will be tricky situations, but in the end, there is nothing more rewarding than making a contribution which makes a difference.
Samuel E., Austria, former volunteer

To get a better idea of the day to day life in the project read an interview with last years volunteers or watch a short video they made showing their daily activities.

Volunteer applications for the academic year 2021-2022

  • Application phase: August – October 2020
  • Selection: December 2020
  • Arrival: between July – September 2021

Please send us your application via mail or contact us for more information.

Please contact us
Oliver Clubb – UK and US Volunteer programme manager.
WhatsApp: +44 7543 836721
Telephone: +593 96 140 2030
Skype: ollieclubb
IG: @salemecuador777

Employment Opportunities

We currently have no vacancies. If you have a burning desire to join our team feel free to send us a speculative application via mail.

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