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Family Counselling

Working closely with the families of our children is very important to us. Our qualified staff are there to talk about all kinds of problems and actively seek dialogue with parents and guardians. We work proactively with families to find solutions to the problems that affect our children.

“We’ve managed to agree on a specific time to eat together”

This is a typical statement which we hear hear very often from the families that we work with.

The majority of the families in Mindo are vulnerable and in need of support: some have very limited economic resources, others live with psychological problems and in others there are social and familial problems.

With this in mind our social services team works with families to create an individual family support plan to address the specific problems of each family. These plans include various activities which are intended to strengthen intrafamily communication, reinforce positive habits and behaviours and contribute to positive family dynamics.

The implementation of family support plans is achieved through frequent home visits where the family counseling team work with the families to discuss positive progress as well any difficulties they have had with the proposed plan. This continual feedback process allows us to monitor and praise the progress of goals achieved. It also allows us to provide extra support or find alternative solutions in areas where a family may be having difficulties.

We urgently need to raise more funds to continue this crucial part of our work here in Mindo. Can you help us by making a small or large one time donation towards the costs of our Family Counselling work?

Our long term sponsors enable us to offer the high quality, sustainable level of service which makes a lasting impact in the families and leads to real long term change in the community! Are you able to make a small regular monthly donation as part of our Sponsorship Programme.?

If you have any questions regarding your donation please do not hesitate to contact us.


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