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Pedagogical Program YACHAYKUNA


Yachaykuna in conjunction with the social organization SALEM International is a self-financed integral educational space, where we welcome children in order to accompany their learning process, helping to develop their social and cognitive skills. This is done through the application of pedagogies that promote identity, freedom, respect, autonomy, self-esteem and creativity.


Our vision is that Yachaykuna will be a model for education and development in young children, leading to peace in the northwest portion of the Province of Pichincha. Yachaykuna was formed by the educational community and has a pedagogical model that contributes to the transformation of society. The program promotes critical thinking, inclusivity, and a respect for differences among kids. 

Pedagogical concept 

The pedagogy concept is based on children learning through experience; it is an active and democratic education. It is based on the trust that adult guides and families place in a childs natural learning process. We work to protect the innate development of a childs mind, body, and spirit. The pedagogical spaces and prepared environments allow the child to move and be active while learning at the same time. This base of this model is sensory, emotional and experiential education. The environment and the materials used facilitate the development of self-confidence, creativity, and social skills. Kids learn how to recognize their emotions and develop assertive communication. We are able to create the necessary basis for a healthy cognitive and emotional development that is needed at each age. We use language that fosters equality, and creates an atmosphere of mutual respect, which allows self confidence to grow.

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