Children's, Youth &
Community Center


Last Friday, the smallest children at SALEM Ecuador participated in a special art project which helps the children to express their feelings in a peaceful way.

Last Friday at the monthly conviviencia we had planned an “Olympic Games” with lots of different events. Unfortunately rain stopped play. In fact it didn’t rain it poured…

Inline Skating


Last week we started to take the children Inline Skating again. The children arrive at around 12:30 for lunch and the first 4 or 5 to finish get to go skating. Even though we only go skating on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Children absolutely love skating and would spend all day every day at the…



A small selection of images from times past.

In Ecuador, November 1st is a great celebration as it is „Dia de los Muertos“. The “Day of the Dead” is a time where families gather together in the community cemetery with offerings of food for a day-long remembrance of their ancestors and lost loved ones. The common tradition consists of eating „Guaguas de Pan“ which is a…

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