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Information on the delivery of food kits in Mindo (03.27.20)


Dear community of Mindo, we would like to inform you about the humanitarian actions that we are carrying out from SALEM International with the support of individuals, collectives and groups of volunteers. The initiative “Solidarity and mutual care during the emergency – #Food Bank in Mindo” began on March 21 with a first delivery of food rations. At the moment we are raising funds for a second delivery of rations to people or families who need it most.

What are we doing?

Due to Decree 1017 of March 16, 2020, a state of exception was initiated in Ecuador to confront the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the population in different ways, both in urban and rural areas. In the rural parish of Mindo, individuals and groups have been activated and are interested in generating community work to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 emergency declaration. The initial call was made by members of the Mindo Lee Project (Mindo Library), SALEM International and The Food Studio, who have initiated a process of support to people and/or families in vulnerable situations, especially to guarantee healthy nutrition. All this work is voluntary and has the participation of different actors of the community. It is also intended that this action will initiate a more comprehensive process that promotes the establishment of food gardens in each household, so that at the end of the emergency food sovereignty is achieved as a practice among the families of Mindo. The latter is the integral long-term objective.

Do you want to help make sure this support doesn’t stop?

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