Vivir Mi Vida – scholarship programme

Vivir Mi Vida is the name of the scholarship programme of SALEM Ecuador! The programme aims to inspire, enable and empower young people to formulate and persue their own life goals and dreams.

Vivir mi vida provides equal opportunities for participants to achieve their goals based not on class, gender or financial status but purely on talent, initiative and motivation.

In all of the SALEM projects around the world, it is particularly important to us to help people lead a fulfilling life and enable each person to grow to achieve their full potential. In SALEM Ecuador some of the children and young people we look after have achieved excellent academic grades through their own talent and hard work. We now also support these students financially, through our scholarship programme so that they can continue to study and develop their careers and pursue their own dreams.

We would like to introduce three of our current SALEM scholarship recipients. All of them come from socially diasadvantaged backgrounds and would not have a chance to study and achieve further education and vocational qualifications without our support.


Maira completed an internship at SALEM Kovahl, Germany in 2016/2017. In September 2018 she started studying a 5 year degree in Social Agriculture at the. “Universidad Central” in Quito.

We support Maira with 200€ per month for board and lodging and academic materials. You can read an interview with Maira here.


Yulissa was one of the year’s best students in her Baccalaureate and won a place studying Social Work at the “Universidad Central”, the largest and most prestigious state university in Ecuador. She is currently now in her second semester.

We support Yulissa with 180 € per month.


Lady has just started a distance learning course in business administration. Her goal is to support SALEM Ecuador and as part of an internship, she helps us once a week in the office with administration and book keeping tasks. The business administration course, at a private college, takes three years. Every Saturday Lady attends lectures at the college which is one and a half hours away from Mindo.

Lady is a young mother and this course offers one of the few opportunities for her to achieve a qualification and to progress professionally.

We pay Ladys course fees of 100 € per month.

All scholarship recipients have signed a contract with SALEM in which they commit themselves to contributing the skills they have learned to the development of SALEM. This may be in the form of a relevant thesis or returning to work for SALEM after graduation. If for any reason they fail to complete their studies the scholarship recipients also agree to pay back half of the scholarship to SALEM so that it can be used for other students.

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Charitable Status: Legal Notice

Under Tax Number 208/147/40057, due to the advancement of development assistance; youth and elderly welfare service; animal, nature and environmental protection; and the advancement of an international understanding as a commonly acknowledged goal, the work of SALEMInternational has been recognised by the Financial Office of Bayreuth, Germany as tax deductible and free from corporate income tax under § 5 Abs.1 Nr.9 KStG (tax assessment notice from 07/01/09).
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